(2 Yard Piece) - Sale! - Broadcloth, 97% Cotton 3% Lycra, 60" wide, Wisteria


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( 2 Yard Piece) - Sale! Broadcloth, 97% Cotton 3% Lycra. 60" wide, Wisteria.  Steal of a deal!  Limited Quantities!  Grab these before they are gone!  

**A special note about our fabric pieces --- You may find uneven ends on these fabric pieces, Rest assured -- when measuring and pricing our fabric pieces, we make sure not to include any uneven portion in our final calculations.  Because sewists are such resourceful people, we expect you will find a good use for any uneven pieces found in the ends of your fabric pieces.  So rather than remove them just to have a pretty straight edge, we are delighted to pass them along to you!

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