56", Polyester Bobbinet, Spain, Embroidered Double Scalloped Border, 'Ivory'

$26.98 per yard
56", polyester bobbinet, double scalloped border along each selvedge with beautiful embroidery on bobbinet.  The scalloped border can be cut away from the bobbinet or left as is, the embroidery has a 3-D look, from Spain and so beautiful!

Garments from Peony Patterns "Wedding Week" - Ashley from @aaculbertson was inspired by The Sound of Music for these two beautiful dresses - "Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes". Along with this Bobbinet Blue Sheen Sateen was used.  For her first dress, she used PDF Peony Patterns Dahlia dress patternwith Myrtle sleeves and a two tiered skirt.  Second dress is Dahlia bodice with a Marigold shaped insert for the sweetheart neckline.

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