"Easter Siblings" by Beth Cannon using Button-On & Daygown

Easter is coming and what a lovely siblings set that Beth Cannon has created.

This is a big brother/little sister Easter combination. The toddler boy shirt was made of Swiss Pima cotton Batiste with French Val lace and entredeux. The shorts are made of Imperial Broadcloth. The shirt pattern is an adaptation of Ginger Snaps "Boys Button-on Suit" with a collar pattern of my own, and the shorts are from the Classic Sewing magazine Holiday 2017 (Christian pattern), minus the straps. The daygown is also made from Swiss Pima cotton Batiste. The contrasting collars, sleeve cuffs, and Madiera applique hemline are also made from Swiss Pima cotton Batiste. The placket, collars and cuffs are edged in French Val lace. All embroidery and shadow embroidery were done by hand. This pattern is a compilation of several patterns. The gown body is from Old Fashioned Baby "Baby’s First Daygowns," sleeves and collars are my creation, as is the scalloped placket. The Madiera applique hemline is also something I "freehanded." The matching baby bonnet is also made from Swiss Pima cotton batiste, hand embroidered, and with French Val lace. It is a Martha Pullen "Double Scalloped Bonnet" pattern. I am just so thrilled with how this all turned out.