Free Downloads

We are so excited to be offering free instruction downloads! Just click on the picture to go to a set of free pdf instructions!

Download our simple instructions on how to use the Snapsetter by Snap Source. Click the photo to download!







This decorative elastic skirt is the simplest sewing project you will ever make! Download these FREE instructions! Visit our "Kits" category for some cute skirt kits. This would be a great project to teach a child or grand-child to sew! (Or you can make it yourself in 15 minutes) 

Whenever we host a class we love to make delicious goodies for our guests! We often get requests for the recipes, and the most frequent requests are for our decadent chocolate toffee brownies! We tell everyone that they are the easiest dessert ever! Click the picture to download the recipe!

When you make a garment, you can bring a lot of character and beauty to your project by focusing on the details. Take a look at this Farmhouse Fabrics original tutorial of what we call our "Heirloom Belt". It is a lovely touch to an heirloom dress or blouse. Click on the photo to download the instructions. Then visit our beading category and our silk ribbon category to find supplies to make one yourself!


Have you ever wanted to make a cute hair bow to match your fabulous sewing projects? We have created an easy-to-follow tutorial. Click on the photo to download the instructions or visit our blog to read the original post! Visit our ribbon category to find lovely ribbon!


This pacifier clip tutorial is one of the simplest projects you will ever complete! Click on the photo to read or visit our blog to read the original post. You can find supplies to make your own here and extra ribbon in our ribbon category.