KIT- Aqua Sweetie, Made From Bonnie Blue Designs ’Kimberly’

$69.00 Per Kit
’Aqua Sweetie’ is a precious dress kit made from Bonnie Blue Designs pattern, ’Kimberly’. Dress is View 4 with the straps from View 3. Size: 2-8

This kit includes: 2 yards "ocean breeze" linen, 1/4 yard gingham (bodice lining), 5 mother of pearl aqua buttons, 3/8 yard interfacing (bodice), 1/2 yard Swiss edging, 1/2 yard Swiss insertion, 1/2 yard Swiss beading, 1 yard 1/4" satin ribbon, and 1 spool all purpose thread.

Pattern not included.

Model garment by Sally W.

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