KIT - BOWL COZY with Pellon Wrap-n-Zap

$28.50 per kit
KIT: "Bowl Cozy".  This kit is a great addition to any kitchen to protect your hands and furniture. Just place your bowl inside the cozy before microwaving and your heated bowl will be so easy to handle! In each kit, you will get one of each of the following designs: a floral/dot, a fruit/dot and a holly/gingham design. They are also REVERSIBLE - so you can use them year round. You can make 3 Gifts out of 1 kit plus have extra batting!

 *ceramic bowl not included in kit

NOTE: You must use 100% cotton fabric, thread, and batting for use in the microwave. 

A FREE PATTERN is linked below. 

KIT includes:

  • 6 - 10" squares 100% cotton prints, including: floral /dots, fruit/dots, holly/gingham
  • 1 package of 100% Natural Cotton Batting, Pellon Wrap-n-Zap (1yard x 45")
  • 1 spool 100% Silk Finish Cotton Mettler thread (#3000)

Click here for Free Bowl Cozy Pattern

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