Bobbinette- 100% Polyester, Available in an Array of Beautiful Colors

$8.99 per yard
100% polyester, available in an array of beautiful colors.  Perfect for ruffles!

Mommy & Me by @AbbeyDWilkinson from using the P&M Patterns "Isadora". 

Green Apple Dress by Jo Wyrosdick using the Sophia by Bonnie Blue Designs.

Peach Dress by Sally Whinghter using the Boo & Lu "Wren" pattern.

@One.Small.Stitch created the flower girl dress using the Peony Patterns "Freesia" dress pattern

"Soft Pink Charm" by Noel Tierney. Garment created using Little Lizard King Patterns Liberty & Meredith. 

@deileenslittlecloset created this whimsical garden dress using blossom bobbinette with embellished trim for Peony Patterns "Wedding Week" using PDF Juniper.