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Informative, inspirational, and very entertaining - all are must-sees!

Farmhouse Fabrics 
YouTube Channel

Sewing Tutorials

From something as simple as cutting fabric properly to sewing that super intricate piece, it is much easier when you watch someone else do it first, right? We agree! We’re collecting helpful video tutorials for you to watch and learn.  P.S. Any requests for more videos like these? What would you like to see? Let us know at info@FarmhouseFabrics.com

Behind the Scenes

Kids are so funny, especially when they think no one is looking. You’ll get a kick out of the behind the scenes video footage we snag at our frequent photoshoots. Raw-ish, and fun, fun!

Model Garments

We discovered the secret to inspiring sewists (and selling fabric) long ago – model garments! With the inevitable “I love that” reaction, nothing inspires a sewing enthusiast like seeing something already made in a model garment. Watch these for ideas and inspiration… then get sewing!

Product Demos & Promos

We love to show off and demo some our favorite fabrics and products. It’s as fun for us as it is helpful for you when we show how something works or moves or feels. Look for more videos like these in the near future.
P.S. Any requests for more videos like these? What would you like to see? Let us know at info@FarmhouseFabrics.com

Fabrics on the Move!

Here we highlight some of our favorite fabrics and fabric groups for their promotion, your information and inspiration, and for the plain ole fun of it. If you love fabric like we do, you will enjoy this fabric-filled footage. 

Special Events

When something happens around here, we all pull out our phones and film it. Here are a few of the happenings of late around “the Farm.”

Around the Shop

So sorry you can’t visit us here right now. Oh, wait - we’ll make video for you!

FAQs at Farmhouse Fabrics

When we get lots of calls from customers with the same question, well, then we know it’s time to add a new FAQ video. In the spirit of “let’s head this off at the pass,” take a look at these answers beforehand to the questions you will undoubtedly have too!