1. Do you send samples?
     - If you send us a pre-addressed, stamped envelope with a list of your sample request including the sku number and color of the fabric, we will send up to seven samples for free.  Each sample is approximately 2" X 1" which gives you the color, sheerness & weight of the fabric.  We do not sample laces, ribbons or trims.

2. How do you calculate shipping? 
     -  Every package, domestic and international, ships for "actual cost plus $1.50 handling".  (For instance, shipping may be reduced, but will not be increased)

     -Our system automatically calculates the shipping cost for an order based ONLY on the total monetary value of each order.

     -However, if it is possible to reduce the shipping after an order is prepared and weighed, the shipping charge will be reduced.

     -Very lightweight packages often may qualify for "First Class US Mail shipping".  This option can only be applied to an order if the customer has selected the shipping option "US Mail" or "Cheaper of FedEx, UPS, or US Mail".

    -International shipping costs are determined (by the Post Office) based on weight, bulk, and zones.

     -Shipping charges for international orders will require a separate charge.  The charge on the international customer's order is for merchandise only.

3. How do I return merchandise?
     - Because we offer samples of fabrics & will color match your items with a note in the comments section; there is a 15% restocking fee to all returned merchandise.  Return shipping is also the customer's responsibility

4. How do I know my colors will match? 
Use the 'Comments' section of your order!  Here is where you can leave us notes about finding the best color in a certain style of fabric. Or please send a yard of Polyester Satin Ribbon to match the gingham fabric from my order.  Coordinating threads are an easy item for us to include with your next order.

5. Why am I being asked for additional money when merchandise is added to an existing order or when shipping internationally?
When paying by credit card, our system automatically embeds your credit card number and only allows the amount which you approved to be captured.  When merchandise is added whether by phone, email or in the comments section; an additional transaction is necessary for purchase.  This is also the case when shipping internationally.  Shipping is not charged during the checkout process but is charged when we can determine the price of shipping due to weight and destination of the package.  An additional transaction is necessary for shipping overseas.

6. Do I have to order in half yard or .5 increments?
The yardage that is visible in the order box is the minimum yardage that can be ordered for that product.  You can order any amount that is equal to or larger than the minimum, simply highlight the minimum yardage and replace the number with the amount that you need.