Bridget Anderson’s "Flower Power" Spaghetti Flowers

Bridget says, "If your weather is like mine, then your warm days last well into late October. It is nice to have some transition outfits in the closet that can go from warm days to cold days too. Bonnie Blue’s McKenna top and Jillian pants are great easy to wear patterns. Add a little "bling" and your little one is sure to smile. Fabric Finders’s new floral pique was a great inspiration to use the new spagetti tubing to make matching daisies. You will need to cut 12 3" strips for each flower. Fold into a loop and sew them down. I sewed directly onto the banding, but you can sew them onto a little circle of fabric or square of ribbon to make it more washing machine friendly. The pants are bright pink twill with an added ribbon cuff. I doubled the ribbon so that the black and white check piping would not show through. This is a great place to use the wash away tape to hold everything into place. The lower band of the top is white Swiss cotton baby wale pique."