’Christening Gown’ by Maria Mallner

Maria Mallner has given us special permission to share her beautiful Christening gown she created for her son. This young mother is so talented. Here Maria tell us how she created this beautiful dress: "The pattern for the gown was "Christening Gown Ensemble" sold by the Martha Pullen Company. I made several changes to the design of the pattern including lengthening the sleeves and reducing some of the fullness. The bonnet pattern came from Elegant Sewing for Baby. I added a lining and lace to the front. The boots were adapted from a pattern in Sewing for Royal Baby. The bib shape was actually copied from the children’s corner bunny knit nightie pattern. I like the way it gives the gown an entirely new look. My son was baptized at 6 months and wore an 18 month gown. The fabric is heirloom batiste and the laces are all capitol imports."