Jeanna Hanna & Ms. Dot - Emma’s Flower Girl Dress & OFB ’Sweet & Simple Daygown’

On the Left: Ms. Dot Gorgeous take on Old Fashioned Baby ’Sweet & Simple Daygown’ pattern! Maline lace insertions, edgings and entredeux!

On the Right: Jeanna made this beautiful dress for my granddaughter to wear in my youngest son’s wedding 11/13/11. She used a 2 yard length of antique embroidered flounce for the skirt, Swiss nelona for the bodice & sleeves, Swiss beading, and Swiss entredeux. Instead of a separate slip, Jeanna lined the skirt and bodice.

We carry a wide selection of embroidered Swiss flounce fabrics.

Jeanna is the owner/designer of "Blue Ribbon Heirlooms" pattern line, which will be launched January 2012! You can enjoy her creations on her blog: