Ms. Dot’s Green Dotted Swiss Bishop (Children’s Corner)

Ms. Dot brought us 2 precious little dresses today! She can bring so much joy into our day when she visits! We love her and we love her beautiful works of art. This is a sweet bishop w/geometric smocking on Capital Import’s green dotted Swiss. Ms. Dot smocked with 3 strands of floss: 2 in one shade of green and 1 in another shade to create just the RIGHT color! To give dimension, she alternated "2 deeper green, 1 lighter" and "2 lighter green, 1 deeper". This added just the right touch.
Our #187 green 1/8" polyester double faced satin ribbon is threaded through ivory French lace beading #11-L-52, and the sleeve has a gathered ruffle from French lace edging in ivory #23-L-13.
A sweet slip completes the outfit. Slip is made from pima cotton batiste with a row of #23-L-13 French lace edging at the hem.